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While still in high school in San Antonio, Texas, David Harris was asked to arrange for his high school jazz and marching bands.  After attending the University of Texas at San Antonio as a music composition major, David was music director at a large church in south Texas, composing and arranging for vocal groups, choirs and orchestras and conducting many of the presentations.  

The recording scene in Texas - including studios, artists and ad agencies - soon became aware of David’s arranging and producing abilities.  In 1987, David and his wife Roxann relocated to Los Angeles, CA.  Producer/engineer Brian Tankersley took David under his wing, giving him in-studio experience and eventually setting up David’s own recording facility in 1989.  

Beyond the United States, David’s music has made its way to Canada, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe.  David produced and arranged a song (Change Me On the Inside) on Brian Doerksen’s “Holy God” CD, which won the Juno (Canada’s version of the Grammy) for “Best contemporary Christian album” in 2008.

“I love so many styles of music,” David explains.  “Despite the long hours and deadlines, I’ve been able to remain a true appreciator of music and the entire recording process.”  

“As a fan, I’ve met many people whose music I have admired for years.  As a producer, I’ve been blessed to enlist their help on lots of projects - and even more blessed to be counted among their friends.”  

Whether composing, arranging or producing for label projects, independent artists or national advertising campaigns, many first-call musicians are happy to be involved with David.  Perhaps it’s best to let them offer their own perspectives on David Harris, his work ethics, his passion for music and his quest for excellence:

Quotes / References

“David is a great, skilled professional who respects the music and makes it come alive, and is a joy to work with, as a person.  I feel completely at ease with him, and I feel that he really brings out the best in whomever he works with”.

Vinnie Colaiuta

Session Drummer (Sting, Faith Hill, Destiny’s Child, Josh Groban, Jewel, Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, Billy Joel)

"In the brief time I have known David I've come to know him as an inspired Producer and

Musician with great instincts and taste to match. It has recently been my pleasure to work

with him as a Mix Engineer on the Micky Dolenz project "Remember" which he expertly

produced, wrote and played on. It was inspiring to be part of his team and get to know

him on a personal level as well. A much valued individual. Rock on David!"

Michael Piersante

Multi Grammy-winning Engineer/Mixer - including Album of the Year "Raising Sand" featuring Alison Krauss & Robert Plant.  (Diana Krall, T-Bone Burnett, Brandi Carlile, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, Sam Phillips, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)

“David Harris is by far one of the finest recording producer/arrangers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Not only does he have formidable production chops, but even more important to me, his arrangements have a truly magical sense of style, emotion and groove.”

Micky Dolenz

Vocalist, Actor, Musician, Television & Theatre Director, Radio Personality, Author, Songwriter (lead vocalist of “The Monkees”)

“David Harris is an excellent producer.  He has instinctive songwriting, musician and people skills.  That, along with a great knowledge of sound textures, computer programming and audio recording  - and a stable of great live musicians to call if needed - makes up a textbook recipe for an excellent producer.  

I love when David calls me to play on something because I know it's going to be exciting and musically rewarding.”

Bob Birch

Bassist (Elton John Band, 1992 - 2012), Composer, Arranger, Producer 

“David Harris is nothing short of BRILLIANT.  He is a gifted songwriter as well as a masterful engineer.  But it’s his talent as a producer that makes him invaluable!  It has been my great pleasure to have worked with David for many years and on many projects.  I am also very blessed to be able to call him one of my very dearest friends.

David is by far my favorite person to work with on my vocals.  His ear is true and I trust him beyond all others.  Along with his skills as a recordist, as a producer he is infinitely patient, encouraging and wise.  He has a way of making you feel right at home.  He makes me feel like the best singer in the world.  The fact is that on my solo projects there is no one else I would want to produce my vocals.

It must be mentioned that David is an excellent arranger as well.  He has a network of “A list” musician friends that all love to work with him and are there when he’s ready to record.  This combination, in my opinion, puts David among the very best producers in our industry.

I could go on and on.  Any artist who has an opportunity to work with David will quickly see that all I have said is the absolute truth of it!”

Joseph Williams

Singer, Composer (lead singer of Toto;  featured vocalist in “The Lion King”)

“I am really happy to have met David Harris and be given the opportunity to contribute to his fine productions as a guitarist.  Besides his amazing skill as a producer, he is a fine musician that encourages creativity in other players.

His musical mind and manner with which he communicates enables a musician like myself to feel free to create and play my best. It has been a wonderful experience to work with David.”

Phil Keaggy

Artist, Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Producer

“I've worked in numerous capacities with David Harris since ‘95 and I'm always ready to jump in when he calls. We've written music together, some for a successful TV commercial. 

We've done instrumental tracking dates and vocal overdub dates together and he is topnotch in getting it right.  He knows when to jump in and, even more importantly, he knows when to let it happen.  A lot of writer/producer/engineers have a tendency to jump in with the wrong idea at the wrong time and slow down the flow of ideas from the musicians. That doesn't mean that he loses sight of the artist's vision he's producing for.  It's a fine line and David draws it well. 

His usage of gear (Pro Tools, etc.) is right up there with the best of 'em.  He never forgets that the gear is there for the music and not the other way around.   

David is a joy to work with and I'm always there when he calls because I not only get to put in my two cents worth but I always come home having learned something new on his sessions. All the technology in the world can't replace a great set of God given ears. David's got them.” 

Bill Champlin 

Singer / Grammy-winning Songwriter / Session Musician / Producer / formerly of the band “Chicago”

“David Harris is one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with.   His sessions always go smoothly and are so much fun.  When I show up at his sessions, I know that everything is going to be taken care of - first class and really well organized.  The music is always great and from the heart.  It’s music for the right reasons.  Everything down to the detail of the charts is just phenomenal.  He’s a great friend and a great producer and songwriter to work with.  A great musician.”

Gregg Bissonette

Session Drummer (James Taylor, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Linda Ronstadt, Santana, ELO, David Lee Roth, Don Henley, Gino Vannelli, Ryan Cabrerra, Brian Setzer Orchestra)

“David has a real gift in putting you at ease.  When you are with him, you are free to be yourself. He is a great ‘people person’ and it makes a big difference when you are in the studio (which can become too clinical and then the performance can lack heart).  I recommend him highly!”   

Brian Doerksen

Award-winning Artist, Singer, Worship Leader, Author, Composer Come Now Is the Time to Worship, Refiner’s Fire, Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing), Light the Fire Again

“I've known David for over 20 years.  He is a stellar producer, arranger, writer and player.  David is committed to excellence, has a great ear and is the kind of guy you can really relax around in the studio.  On my projects, he has brought together "A" list players to make my music come alive.  Add to that his knack for putting down to tape the best possible performance across the board and your result is one great production!”

Kenny Snyder

Worship Pastor, Horizon Community Church - Portland, Oregon (Pedro Eustache, Alex Al, Caleb Quaye)

“One thing I really notice about David is the way he lets everyone put a part of themselves into the music.  He never holds on to "Demo Love.”  He likes to take a chance on a song and see if it breathes a new life.  

He's also very good with making artists feel comfortable while they might be a little nervous at the end it's always like a family.  He's a very musical man and makes the music sound natural in the end.”

Matt Bissonette

Session Bassist (Elton John Band, Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr, Johnny Mathis, Don Henley, Jeff Lynne, Peter Frampton, Julian Lennon, Boz Skaggs, Christopher Cross), Composer 

“The first time I worked with David Harris, I walked in and he was totally ready to go.  The studio was ready and the charts were there.  All I had to do was sit down and play.  Watching David work is the best.  He is confident - a great engineer and wonderful producer.  Above all, he is a great guy.

He is able to get the best out of people without really trying.  I find it to be an honor and a pleasure to work for and with him.”

Chris Pinnick

Session Guitarist (formerly of the band “Chicago”; John Klemmer, Herb Alpert, Peter Cetera, James Burton, Ray Ruff)

“I have known David for some years now and have found him to be extremely honest and responsible in both his work and personal relationships.  I believe integrity combined with natural musical and technical talent make him  valuable in any musical endeavor.  I have worked with David in differing capacities and various musical styles and have yet to be disappointed with the results.  I would be happy to recommend David for just about any musical task I can think of.”  

   Brian Tankersley

Producer, Engineer (Brooks & Dunn, Shania Twain, Dusty Springfield)

“David Harris is an excellent producer. I've worked with him on a few projects and he brings much musicality to the table.  Most importantly, he is a producer with a definite point of view who has his ego enough in 'check' to change his mind when he is presented with another point of view that is better for the song.  He's very respectful of musicians and makes 

you feel good when you work with him.  I whole-heartedly recommend him!” 

Mike Pachelli

Guitarist, Producer (Randy Stonehill, Michael Sembello, Phil Keaggy, Frank Stallone, Jeanne Mas)

“I've had the pleasure of coming to know and work with David Harris.  David's work ethic is solid and the music he produces is world class.  I have found David to be thorough and communicative, open and excited about new ideas, and genuinely positive about the artist he is producing.”  

Phil Madeira

Multi-instrumentalist, Producer,  Composer (Alison Krauss,  Emmylou Harris, Sixpence None the Richer, Steven Curtis Chapman, Garth Brooks, Phil Keaggy, Amy Grant, The Neville Brothers)  

“David Harris is a true musicians’ producer.  He loves working with his fellow musicians and has big ears to latch onto parts they play as well as getting them to expand with his vision.  He has great production chops and writes great songs.”

Danny Jacob

Composer, Session Guitarist (“Phineas and Ferb,” “Shrek,” “Disney,” “Almost Famous,” LeAnn Rimes, George Michael, Bette Midler)

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